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Serie A: Juventus 1:0 AS Roma – preview, line-ups, Live Commentary

REUTERS/Massimo Pinca

It is hard to suppose what Roma can oppose to Juventus, Di Francesco’s team scored almost two times fewer points than the champion. However, although the times when the Wolves made up a competition to Juventus in a battle for the title are long gone, Roma were quite capable of a feat. At least, to provide a decent resistance to the unconditional leader.

Regarding Juventus’ injuries, Cancelo is undergoing rehabilitation in Germany, the club’s medical staff are also deciding whether Quadrado’s operation is necessary, or whether therapeutic treatment can be dispensed with. Khedira returned to the main group.

Roma completed their three-match losing series with a strong-willed victory over Genoa. After the match, the sports director of the club Monchi said that Di Francesco might not be afraid of being fired in the near future. Perhaps, Monchi said that only so the coach could concentrate on preparing the team for the upcoming match with the powerful opponent, the gap from which was 22 points.

AS Roma’s main forward, Dzeko, was only able to hold the first full-fledged training session in the general group on Friday and, most likely, won’t get back to the starting lineup tonight. However, Di Francesco didn’t rule out the option in which the Bosnian would come on the field as a substitute.


Starting line-ups:

Juventus: Szczęsny — Alex Sandro, Chiellini, Bonucci, De Sciglio — Matuidi, Pjanic, Bentancur — Ronaldo, Madzukic, Dybala

AS Roma: Olsen — Santon, Fazio, Manolas, Kolarov — Nzonzi, Cristante — Under, Zaniolo, Florenzi– Schik

(Reporting by Kovtunov Ilya, editing by Ponomarenko Valeriia)


95′ And it’s over. Juventus 1:0 AS Roma. 

REUTERS/Massimo Pinca

93′ Yes, the goal is cancelled. Still 1:0. 

92′ Cristiano passed on Costa into the box and Douglas scored a goal. But seems like the goal was scored after a foul. The referee is using VAR right now. Let’s see.


REUTERS/Massimo Pinca

91′ 3 minutes added.

90′ CRISTANTE! WHAT A MOMENT! After the corner, Bryan struck a header but Szczęsny saved perfectly. That was the moment of the game. 

REUTERS/Massimo Pinca

84′ Last minutes for Roma to change the situation. 

81′ So, 10 mins left. Let’s see whether Roma are capable to snatch at least 1 point in Turin. 

80′ And another one from Allegri: Dybala – out, Douglas Costa – in. 

79′ Nzonzi – out, Dzeko – in. 

REUTERS/Massimo Pinca

75′ Edin Dzeko is preparing to enter the field. Di Francesco’s last chance. 

71′ And the 2nd one from Roma’s coach: Under – out, Perotti – in. 

70′ First sub from Allegri. Can – in, Pjanic – out. 

69′ Corner for Juve. 

65′ What a perfect game from Roma’s keeper. Unfortunately, the score is 1:0 right now so Di Francesco’s attackers need to do their job better.

REUTERS/Massimo Pinca

60′ OLSEN! Perfect header from Ronaldo but Roma’s goalkeeper saved. Corner and Cristiano struck again but Olson saved too! Amazing game. 

REUTERS/Massimo Pinca

57′ Free-kick for Roma. 

55′ Good header from Cristiano but a little bit inaccurate. 

54′ Santon fouled on Mandzukic. 

50′ The situation on the field is the same as in the first half so far. Juventus look much more confident and stronger.

46′ 2nd half! And first sub from Di Francesco – Kluivert – in, Florenzi – out. 

REUTERS/Massimo Pinca

45′ Half-time!

44′ Roma sit down a little bit. Seems like the first half will be ended with this score. 

40′ Good header from Nzonzi but Szczęsny controlled the situation. 

36′ Zaniolo lost the ball on the right flank and De Sciglio crossed on the far post. Mandzukic performed a perfect header – 1:0.

REUTERS/Massimo Pinca

35′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Mario Madzukic! 1:0!

33′ CRISTIANO! What a moment from the Portuguese but Olsen saved perfectly! Corner.

REUTERS/Massimo Pinca

30′ Roma’s players equalled the game. 

25′ Davide Santon is playing personally with Cristiano Ronaldo. Just like 10 years ago, when 18-years-old Santon destroyed Cristiano. The Italian was performing for Inter and Ronaldo was at United.

21′ Corner for Juve. 

20′ Shot from Patrik Schik – no goal. 

REUTERS/Massimo Pinca

18′ Under created a good moment but couldn’t strike confidently.

15′ Roma try not to fall too low and put pressure, but Juventus very easily go into counter-attacks.

11′ Full control from Juventus. Roma’s players aren’t possessing the ball yet. 

8′ WHAT A MOMENT FROM SANDRO! The defender was able to open the score but Olsen was perfect. Corner.

REUTERS/Massimo Pinca

6′ Good shot from Nzonzi after Zaniolo’s tackle near the opponents’ box. 

3′ Juve ran forward from the first minutes. Already created a few moments after free-kick and corner. 

1′ Starting whistle!

REUTERS/Massimo Pinca

0′ Welcome to our Live Broadcast of the Serie A match – Juventus vs AS Roma!

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