David Luiz admires Klopp’s work

REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko

Chelsea defender David Luiz has admitted that he admires Jurgen Klopp’s work at Liverpool.

Luiz had been praising his head coach, Maurizio Sarri, throughout the whole season. It is not surprising as under Sarri’s command he has become the starting line-up’s player again.

However, after Sunday’s match at Anfield, David revealed that Sarriball wasn’t the only style that made him admire.

According to Luiz, Jurgen Klopp did a great job. He improved the players’ game absolutely in all positions. However, this is especially noticeable in the team attackers’ game. They play with the same passion that Jurgen has himself.

That is why it is pleasant to follow Liverpool and everybody wants to talk about them. The eyes of the whole world are riveted on them and they deserve what they have now. However, football is cruel sometimes and that is why the initiative in the title race is owned by Manchester City at the moment.

(Reporting by Nathan Dent, editing by Valerie Cooper)

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