About us

Letter from the Editor

Scorenga.co.uk is your source of the latest football news. We provide you with breaking soccer news, transfer rumors, in-depth football predictions, football tips, match previews, football results from Europe’s Top 5 Leagues, elite club tournaments, international football tournaments, videos and much more 24/7.

Our company was born in 2014 from its profound desire to serve quality football news from around the globe. The desire to share football news, exclusive interviews and match coverage was complemented by the fact that we knew how to do it, how to convey information more effectively and how it should look. Speaking ‘we’, I mean just a few wonderful and experienced journalists with whom we started then.

Our journalists obtain news legally and honestly, present only what may reasonably be true as fact; opinions, rumors are presented clearly as such. When using unnamed sources, the company relies on experience and professionalism of its staff.

We are committed to reporting the news accurately, truthfully and fairly.
The site is updated continuously throughout the day.

Our People

The expert writers all have extensive writing and professional experience in football.

Here are a few of our writers:

Nathan Dent

We met Nathan several years ago and he was in the origin of Scorenga.co.uk. An experienced journalist with an amazing nose for hot news and rumors. He is notable for his analytics & writing skills as well as a great sense of humor. A loyal fan of Arsenal FC.

Dan McGlush

Dan is an important part of Scorenga.co.uk. An intelligent writer, who enjoys giving information about Europe’s top leagues as well as working with football transfer news, rumors and gossip. Curiosity always drives him forward. By the way, he prefers visiting Old Trafford rather than Etihad.

Valerie Cooper, Editor-in-chief

Valerie has been at Scorenga.co.uk since launch. She has extensive experience in print, radio and online news. She started her career as a sports journalist and became the editor in chief in October 2016. Now, Valerie is in charge of supervising the daily tasks of publishing media. She is a cheerful, sociable and witty person. Being a devoted fan of Chelsea FC, she likes painting. This hobby is for her soul.

Sergio Prego, Executive Director

Serhii is one of a small number of people who created our football family. His passionate desire to deliver information to people with the speed of a lightning served as a solid and reliable foundation for our project. The Executive director manages a large team of professionals in development & design and provides solutions at all levels of the complicated process.

Paul Krainovskiy, Community Organizer

Similar to that of the coach for a football team, Paul is responsible for building a group of people to work towards a common goal through collective efforts. Our organizer is focused on creating a friendly environment at work, expanding our membership base, recruiting leadership and running member meetings.